Trade / Course wise Institute List For Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-conditioning)

Institue List For Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-conditioning)
Sr. No.Institute CodeInstitute NameInstitute StatusNo. Of UnitsTotal Intake
12715000003Govt ITI, Buldana, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment3 78
22715000004Government Industrial Training Institute, Chikhali, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment2 52
32715000007Government Industrial Training Institute, Khamgaon, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment2 52
42715010008Govt ITI, Akola, Dist: AkolaGovernment3 78
52715020006Govt ITI, Washim, Dist: WashimGovernment2 52
62715030008Govt ITI, Amravati, Dist: AmravatiGovernment3 78
72715030013Govt ITI, Daryapur, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 52
82715100017Govt ITI, Yavatmal, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 52
92725110017Govt ITI, Umri, Dist: NandedGovernment1 26
102725130005Government Industrial Training Institute, Parbhani, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment2 52
112725140008Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalna, Dist: JalnaGovernment4 104
122725150006Govt ITI, Aurangabad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment3 78
132725230006Govt ITI, Ambejogai, Dist: BeedGovernment2 52
142725250005Govt ITI, Osmanabad, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment2 52
152735170008Govt ITI (Adivasi), Palghar, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 52
162735170010Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Talasari, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 52
172735170013Govt ITI (Adivasi), Wangaon, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 52
182735170018Govt ITI, Ambernath, Dist: ThaneGovernment5 130
192735170020Govt ITI, Bhiwandi, Dist: ThaneGovernment3 78
202735170022Govt ITI, Thane, Dist: ThaneGovernment3 78
212735180009Govt ITI, Govandi, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment3 78
222735180010Govt ITI, Kurla, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment3 78
232735180011Government Industrial Training Institute, Mulund, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment3 78
242735190006Government Industrial Training Institute, Mumbai-11, Dist: Mumbai ShaharGovernment3 78
252735200007Govt ITI, Mangaon, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 52
262735200018Govt ITI, Uran, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 52
272735280005Govt ITI, Guhagar, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment1 26
282735280007Govt ITI, Lanja, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment1 26
292735280009Govt ITI, Rajapur, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment2 52
302735280010Govt ITI, Ratnagiri, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment2 52
312735290002Govt ITI, Devgad, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment2 52
322735290003Govt ITI, Dodamarg, Dist: SindhudurgGovernment1 26
332735290004Govt ITI, Malwan, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment2 52
342745040013Government Industrial Training Institute, Wardha, Dist: WardhaGovernment2 52
352745050014Govt I.T.I., Bhivapur, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 52
362745050016Govt ITI, Hingana, Dist: NagpurGovernment1 26
372745050017Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalmeshwar, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 52
382745050019Govt ITI, Katol, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 52
392745050022Govt ITI, Nagpur, Dist: NagpurGovernment4 104
402745050023Govt ITI, Narkhed, Dist: NagpurGovernment1 26
412745050025Govt ITI, Savner, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 52
422745060003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Arjuni Moregaon, Dist: BhandaraGovernment2 52
432745060005Govt ITI, Bhandara, Dist: BhandaraGovernment2 52
442745070004Government Industrial Training Institute AmgaonGovernment2 52
452745080001Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Allapalli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 52
462745080002Govt ITI (Adivasi), Armori, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 52
472745080004Govt ITI (Adivasi), Charmorshi, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 52
482745080008Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Gadchiroli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 52
492745090008Govt ITI (Adivasi), Bhadravati, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 52
502745090011Govt ITI (Adivasi), Jivati, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment1 26
512745090020Govt ITI, Chandrapur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 52
522745090023Govt ITI, Sawali, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 52
532754970003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Nandurbar, Dist: NandurbarGovernment2 52
542754980003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Shirpur, Dist: DhuleGovernment2 52
552754980007Govt ITI, Dhule, Dist: DhuleGovernment3 78
562754980008Govt ITI, Jalgaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment3 78
572754980009Govt ITI, Shindkheda, Dist: DhuleGovernment2 52
582754990013Govt ITI (Adivasi), Yaval, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 52
592754990019Govt ITI, Chalisgaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 52
602754990023Govt ITI, Pachora, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 52
612755160003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Dindori, Dist: NashikGovernment2 52
622755160019Govt ITI, Nashik, Dist: NashikGovernment3 78
632755220007Govt ITI, Ahmednagar, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment2 52
642765210016Govt ITI, Ghodegaon, Dist: PuneGovernment2 52
652765210018Govt ITI, Indapur, Dist: PuneGovernment2 52
662765210019Govt ITI, Khed (Rajgurunagar), Dist: PuneGovernment2 52
672765210020Govt ITI, Lonavala, Dist: PuneGovernment1 26
682765210021Govt ITI, Malegaon (Bk), Dist: PuneGovernment2 52
692765210024Govt ITI, Pune, Dist: PuneGovernment3 78
702765260004Govt ITI, Barshi, Dist: SolapurGovernment2 52
712765260006Govt ITI, Kurduwadi, Dist: SolapurGovernment2 52
722765260009Govt ITI, Mohol, Dist: SolapurGovernment2 52
732765260012Govt ITI, Solapur, Dist: SolapurGovernment2 52
742765270004Govt ITI, Karad, Dist: SataraGovernment2 52
752765270012Govt ITI, Satara, Dist: SataraGovernment1 26
762765300007Govt ITI, Gadhinglaj, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 52
772765300010Govt ITI, Kolhapur, Dist: KolhapurGovernment3 78
782765310008Govt ITI, Kavthemahakal, Dist: SangliGovernment1 26
792765310010Govt ITI, Sangli, Dist: SangliGovernment2 52
802725110018Gramin Industrial Training Instiutec Vishnupuri Tq.Nanded Dist.NandedPrivate Self Finance1 26
812725110023Shri Hazursahib Iti NandedPrivate Self Finance2 52
822735170004Fr. Agnel Technical Education Complex Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
832735170027Shad Adam Shaikh Private I.T.IPrivate Self Finance2 52
842735180001Aicmeu'S Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
852735180002Anjuman- I-Islam M.H.Saboo Siddik Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
862735180012Habib Technical InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
872735180015Lalji Mehrotra Technical InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
882735200002Anjumane Waseeul Taleem Edu.Trust Raigad Maf Industrial Training Center ,Tal Murud-Janjira,Dist. Raigad.Private Self Finance2 52
892735280012Haji Mohammed Saheb Thakur Private ItiPrivate Self Finance1 26
902735280015Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha Private Industrial Training Institute , Sawarde, Tal - Chiplun, Dist -RatnagiriPrivate Self Finance2 52
912745050002Anjuman Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 26
922745050027Hazrat Tajbaba Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 26
932745050048Prakash Industrial Training Center, Wadi, Dist, NagpurPrivate Self Finance2 52
942754970009Jamia Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
952754990061Ams Technical InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
962755160027Matoshri Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 26
972755220029Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 52
982755220030Private Industrial Training Institute,LoniPrivate Self Finance2 52
992755220035Shri Saibaba Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirdi. Tal- Rahata, Dist-Ahmednagar Pin-423109Private Self Finance2 52
1002765210002All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society'S Private Industrial Training Institute, BoribhadakPrivate Self Finance3 78
1012765210039Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Industrial Training Institute Morwadi,Pimpri Pune- 411018Private Self Finance2 52
1022765210047Samarth Private Industrial Training Institute Belhe Tal- Junnar Dist - PunePrivate Self Finance2 52