Trade / Course wise Institute List For Electrician

Institue List For Electrician
Sr. No.Institute CodeInstitute NameInstitute StatusNo. Of UnitsTotal Intake
12715000003Govt ITI, Buldana, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment4 84
22715000004Government Industrial Training Institute, Chikhali, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment1 21
32715000005Govt ITI, Deulgaon Raja, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment2 42
42715000007Government Industrial Training Institute, Khamgaon, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment4 84
52715000009Govt ITI, Malkapur, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment2 42
62715000010Govt ITI, Mehakar, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment2 42
72715000013Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangrampur, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment1 21
82715000014Government Industrial Training Institute, Shegaon, Dist: BuldhanaGovernment1 21
92715010002Government Industrial Training Institute, Akot, Dist: AkolaGovernment3 63
102715010004Govt ITI, Barshitakali, Dist: AkolaGovernment1 21
112715010005Govt ITI, Murtijapur, Dist: AkolaGovernment2 42
122715010006Government Industrial Training Institute, Patur, Dist: AkolaGovernment1 21
132715010007Govt ITI, Telhara, Dist: AkolaGovernment1 21
142715010008Govt ITI, Akola, Dist: AkolaGovernment5 105
152715020001Govt ITI, Karanja Lad, Dist: WashimGovernment1 21
162715020002Govt ITI, Malegaon, Dist: WashimGovernment2 42
172715020003Government Industrial Training Institute, Mangrulpir, Dist: WashimGovernment2 42
182715020004Govt ITI, Manora, Dist: WashimGovernment1 21
192715020006Govt ITI, Washim, Dist: WashimGovernment2 42
202715030001Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Chikhaldara, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
212715030004Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Chikhali, Dist: AmravatiGovernment1 21
222715030007Govt ITI, Achalpur, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
232715030008Govt ITI, Amravati, Dist: AmravatiGovernment6 126
242715030009Govt ITI, Anjangaon Surji, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
252715030010Govt ITI, Bhatkuli, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
262715030011Govt ITI, Chandur Bazar, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
272715030012Govt ITI, Chandur Railway, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
282715030013Govt ITI, Daryapur, Dist: AmravatiGovernment1 21
292715030014Govt ITI, Dhamangaon Railway, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
302715030015Govt ITI, Morshi, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
312715030016Govt ITI, Mozari, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
322715030018Government Industrial Training Institute, Warud, Dist: AmravatiGovernment2 42
332715100001Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Arni, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
342715100002Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kalamb, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
352715100003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Maregaon, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
362715100004Govt ITI (Adivasi), Pandharkawada, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
372715100005Govt ITI (Adivasi), Ralegaon, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
382715100006Govt ITI Antargaon (Tribal Ashramshala) Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
392715100008Govt ITI, Babhulgaon, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
402715100011Government Industrial Training Institute, Ghatanji, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
412715100012Government Industrial Training Institute, Gunj, Dist: YavatmalGovernment3 63
422715100014Government Industrial Training Institute, Pusad, Dist: YavatmalGovernment3 63
432715100015Government Industrial Training Institute, Umarkhed, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
442715100016Govt ITI, Wani, Dist: YavatmalGovernment4 84
452715100017Govt ITI, Yavatmal, Dist: YavatmalGovernment4 84
462715100018Govt ITI, Zari-Jamani, Dist: YavatmalGovernment2 42
472725110001Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kinwat, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
482725110002Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Patoda, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
492725110004Govt ITI, Bhokar, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
502725110006Govt ITI, Deglur, Dist: NandedGovernment2 42
512725110007Govt ITI, Dharmabad, Dist: NandedGovernment2 42
522725110008Government Industrial Training Institute, Hadgaon, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
532725110009Govt ITI, Himayatnagar, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
542725110010Govt ITI, Kandhar, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
552725110011Govt ITI, Loha, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
562725110012Govt ITI, Mahur, Dist: NandedGovernment2 42
572725110015Govt ITI, Naigoan, Dist: NandedGovernment1 21
582725110016Govt ITI, Nanded, Dist: NandedGovernment5 105
592725120002Government Industrial Training Institute, Aundhanagnath, Dist: HingoliGovernment2 42
602725120003Govt ITI, Basmatnager, Dist: HingoliGovernment1 21
612725120004Govt ITI, Hingoli, Dist: HingoliGovernment2 42
622725120006Government Industrial Training Institute, Sengaon, Dist: HingoliGovernment1 21
632725130001Government Industrial Training Institute, Gangakhed, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment1 21
642725130002Govt ITI, Jintur, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment1 21
652725130003Government Industrial Training Institute, Manvat, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment3 63
662725130005Government Industrial Training Institute, Parbhani, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment4 84
672725130008Government Industrial Training Institute, Selu, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment1 21
682725130009Government Industrial Training Institute, Sonpeth, Dist: ParbhaniGovernment2 42
692725140003Govt ITI, Ambad, Dist: JalnaGovernment4 84
702725140004Government Industrial Training Institute, Badnapur, Dist: JalnaGovernment4 84
712725140005Govt ITI, Bhokardan, Dist: JalnaGovernment2 42
722725140006Govt ITI, Ghansavangi, Dist: JalnaGovernment2 42
732725140007Government Industrial Training Institute, Jafrabad, Dist: JalnaGovernment2 42
742725140008Government Industrial Training Institute, Jalna, Dist: JalnaGovernment2 42
752725140010Govt ITI, Partur, Dist: JalnaGovernment1 21
762725150004Government Industrial Training Institute (SCP), Kilearc, Dist: AurangabadGovernment2 42
772725150006Govt ITI, Aurangabad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment4 84
782725150007Govt ITI, Gangapur, Dist: AurangabadGovernment1 21
792725150009Govt ITI, Khulatabad, Dist: AurangabadGovernment3 63
802725150010Govt ITI, Paithan, Dist: AurangabadGovernment3 63
812725150012Govt ITI, Sillod, Dist: AurangabadGovernment2 42
822725150013Govt ITI, Soygaon, Dist: AurangabadGovernment1 21
832725230006Govt ITI, Ambejogai, Dist: BeedGovernment2 42
842725230008Govt ITI, Beed, Dist: BeedGovernment6 126
852725230009Govt ITI, Dharur, Dist: BeedGovernment2 42
862725230012Govt ITI, Majalgaon, Dist: BeedGovernment1 21
872725230013Govt ITI, Parali Vaijnath, Dist: BeedGovernment3 63
882725230015Govt ITI, Shirur Kasar, Dist: BeedGovernment1 21
892725230016Government Industrial Training Institute, Vadwani, Dist: BeedGovernment2 42
902725240002Govt ITI (Woman), Latur, Dist: LaturGovernment2 42
912725240003Govt ITI AHAMADPUR.DIST LATUR.Government1 21
922725240004Govt ITI, Ausa, Dist: LaturGovernment2 42
932725240005Govt ITI, Chakur, Dist: LaturGovernment2 42
942725240006Govt ITI, Devani, Dist: LaturGovernment2 42
952725240007Govt ITI, Jalkoth, Dist: LaturGovernment1 21
962725240008Govt ITI, Latur, Dist: LaturGovernment5 105
972725240009Govt ITI, Nilanga, Dist: LaturGovernment2 42
982725240010Govt ITI, Renapur, Dist: LaturGovernment2 42
992725240011Govt ITI, Shirur Anantpal, Dist: LaturGovernment1 21
1002725240012Govt ITI, Udgir, Dist: LaturGovernment3 63
1012725250002Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhum, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment2 42
1022725250003Govt ITI, Kalamb, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment2 42
1032725250005Govt ITI, Osmanabad, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment4 84
1042725250006Govt ITI, Paranda, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment2 42
1052725250008Govt ITI, Umarga, Dist: OsmanabadGovernment2 42
1062735170005Govt ITI (Adivasi), Jawhar, Dist: PalgharGovernment5 105
1072735170007Govt ITI (Adivasi), Murbad, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1082735170008Govt ITI (Adivasi), Palghar, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1092735170009Govt ITI (Adivasi), Shahapur, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1102735170010Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Talasari, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1112735170011Govt ITI (Adivasi), Vikramgad, Dist: ThaneGovernment1 21
1122735170012Govt ITI (Adivasi), Wada, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1132735170013Govt ITI (Adivasi), Wangaon, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1142735170014Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Dongari, Dist: ThaneGovernment1 21
1152735170015Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Karegaon, Dist: ThaneGovernment1 21
1162735170017Govt ITI (Woman), Thane, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1172735170018Govt ITI, Ambernath, Dist: ThaneGovernment7 147
1182735170020Govt ITI, Bhiwandi, Dist: ThaneGovernment2 42
1192735170022Govt ITI, Thane, Dist: ThaneGovernment6 126
1202735180005Govt ITI (Minority), Chandivali, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment1 21
1212735180006Govt ITI, Andheri, Dist: Mumbai ShaharGovernment4 84
1222735180007Govt ITI, Borivali, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment3 63
1232735180009 Govt ITI, Govandi, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment3 63
1242735180010Govt ITI, Kurla, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment3 63
1252735180011Government Industrial Training Institute, Mulund, Dist: Mumbai SuburbGovernment10 210
1262735190001Govt ITI (Minority), Mandavi, Dist: Mumbai ShaharGovernment3 63
1272735190004Govt ITI, Lower Parel, Dist: Mumbai ShaharGovernment3 63
1282735190006Government Industrial Training Institute, Mumbai-11, Dist: Mumbai ShaharGovernment11 231
1292735200003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Karjat, Dist: RaigadGovernment3 63
1302735200005Govt ITI, Khalapur, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 42
1312735200006Govt ITI, Mahad, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 42
1322735200007Govt ITI, Mangaon, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 42
1332735200008Govt ITI, Mhasala, Dist: RaigadGovernment1 21
1342735200010Govt ITI, Nagothane, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 42
1352735200012Govt ITI, Panvel, Dist: RaigadGovernment5 105
1362735200013Govt ITI, Pen, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 42
1372735200014Govt ITI, Poladpur, Dist: RaigadGovernment1 21
1382735200015Govt ITI, Shriwardhan, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 42
1392735200018Govt ITI, Uran, Dist: RaigadGovernment2 42
1402735280003Government Industrial Training Institute, Chiplun, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment2 42
1412735280004Govt ITI, Dapoli, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment1 21
1422735280005Govt ITI, Guhagar, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment6 126
1432735280006Govt ITI, Khed, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment3 63
1442735280008Govt ITI, Mandangad, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment2 42
1452735280009Govt ITI, Rajapur, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment2 42
1462735280010Govt ITI, Ratnagiri, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment4 84
1472735280011Government Industrial Training Institute, Sangameshwar, Dist: RatnagiriGovernment2 42
1482735290002Govt ITI, Devgad, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment2 42
1492735290005Govt ITI, Oras, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment1 21
1502735290007Govt ITI, Sawantwadi, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment1 21
1512735290008Government Industrial Training Institute, Vaibhavwadi, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment1 21
1522735290009Govt ITI, Vengurla, Dist: SindhudurgaGovernment1 21
1532745040006Govt ITI, Arvi, Dist: WardhaGovernment2 42
1542745040010Govt ITI, Pulgaon, Dist: WardhaGovernment2 42
1552745040011Govt ITI, Samudrapur, Dist: WardhaGovernment3 63
1562745040013Government Industrial Training Institute, Wardha, Dist: WardhaGovernment5 105
1572745050010Govt ITI (Adivasi), Parshivani, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 42
1582745050012Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Belda, Dist: NagpurGovernment1 21
1592745050013Govt ITI (Woman), Nagpur, Dist: NagpurGovernment1 21
1602745050014Govt I.T.I., Bhivapur, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 42
1612745050015Govt ITI, Butibori, Dist: NagpurGovernment4 84
1622745050017Government Industrial Training Institute, Kalmeshwar, Dist: NagpurGovernment1 21
1632745050018Govt ITI, Kamthi, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 42
1642745050019Govt ITI, Katol, Dist: NagpurGovernment3 63
1652745050021Govt ITI, Mouda, Dist: NagpurGovernment1 21
1662745050022Govt ITI, Nagpur, Dist: NagpurGovernment7 147
1672745050023Govt ITI, Narkhed, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 42
1682745050024Govt ITI, Ramtek, Dist: NagpurGovernment2 42
1692745050025Govt ITI, Savner, Dist: NagpurGovernment3 63
1702745050026Govt ITI Umred, Dist-NagpurGovernment2 42
1712745060003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Arjuni Moregaon, Dist: BhandaraGovernment2 42
1722745060004Govt ITI (Woman), Bhandara, Dist: BhandaraGovernment1 21
1732745060005Govt ITI, Bhandara, Dist: BhandaraGovernment5 105
1742745060007Govt ITI, Lakhani, Dist: BhandaraGovernment1 21
1752745060008Govt ITI, Mohadi, Dist: BhandaraGovernment4 84
1762745060009Govt ITI, Pawani, Dist: BhandaraGovernment2 42
1772745060010Govt ITI, Sakoli, Dist: BhandaraGovernment2 42
1782745060011Govt ITI, Tumsar, Dist: BhandaraGovernment1 21
1792745070001Govt ITI (Adivasi), Dewari, Dist: GondiaGovernment2 42
1802745070002Govt ITI (Adivasi), Salekasa, Dist: BhandaraGovernment3 63
1812745070003Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Bijepar, Dist: GondiaGovernment1 21
1822745070005Govt ITI, Gondia, Dist: GondiaGovernment2 42
1832745070007Govt ITI, Sadak Arjuni, Dist: GondiaGovernment1 21
1842745070008Govt ITI, Tiroda, Dist: BhandaraGovernment2 42
1852745080001Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Allapalli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 42
1862745080002Govt ITI (Adivasi), Armori, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 42
1872745080004Govt ITI (Adivasi), Charmorshi, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 42
1882745080005Govt ITI (Adivasi), Desaiganj, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 42
1892745080006Govt ITI (Adivasi), Dhanora, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment3 63
1902745080008Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Gadchiroli, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 42
1912745080009Govt ITI (Adivasi), Korchi, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 42
1922745080010Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kurkheda, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment2 42
1932745080013Government Industrial Training Institute (Tribal Ashram Shala), Jambhiya, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment1 21
1942745080016Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Ramgad, Dist: GadchiroliGovernment1 21
1952745090010Govt ITI (Adivasi), Gondpipari, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
1962745090011Govt ITI (Adivasi), Jivati, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
1972745090013Govt ITI (Adivasi), Pombhurna, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment1 21
1982745090014Govt ITI (Adivasi), Rajura, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
1992745090015Government Industrial Training Institute (Women),chandrapurGovernment1 21
2002745090017Govt ITI (Woman), Chandrapur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
2012745090018Government Industrial Training Institute, Ballarpur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment3 63
2022745090019Government Industrial Training Institute, Bramhapuri, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
2032745090020Govt ITI, Chandrapur, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment5 105
2042745090021Govt ITI, Mul, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment1 21
2052745090022Govt ITI, Nagbhid, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
2062745090023Govt ITI, Sawali, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
2072745090024Govt ITI, Sindewahi, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment2 42
2082745090025Govt ITI, Warora, Dist: ChandrapurGovernment3 63
2092754970001Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Akkalkuva, Dist: NandurbarGovernment2 42
2102754970003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Nandurbar, Dist: NandurbarGovernment2 42
2112754970004Govt ITI (Adivasi), Navapur, Dist: NandurbarGovernment2 42
2122754970005Govt ITI (Adivasi), Shahada, Dist: NandurbarGovernment2 42
2132754970008Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Shirave, Dist: NanudrbarGovernment1 21
2142754972010GOVT .TRIBAL ITI Shirve , TAL- Taloda DIST-NandurbarGovernment1 21
2152754980003Govt ITI (Adivasi), Shirpur, Dist: DhuleGovernment2 42
2162754980007Govt ITI, Dhule, Dist: DhuleGovernment6 126
2172754980008Govt ITI, Jalgaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment8 168
2182754980009Govt ITI, Shindkheda, Dist: DhuleGovernment2 42
2192754982013GOVT .TRIBAL ITI Navapada, TAL-Sakri ,DIST-DhuleGovernment1 21
2202754982014GOVT .TRIBAL ITI Sukapur , TAL-Sakri ,DIST-DhuleGovernment1 21
2212754990012Govt ITI (Adivasi), Chopada, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 42
2222754990015Government Industrial Training Institute, Amalner, Dist: JalgaonGovernment3 63
2232754990016Government Industrial Training Institute, Bhadgaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 42
2242754990017Govt ITI, Bhusawal, Dist: JalgaonGovernment4 84
2252754990018Govt ITI, Bodwad, Dist: JalgaonGovernment3 63
2262754990020Government Industrial Training Institute, Dharangaon, Dist: JalgaonGovernment3 63
2282754990022Govt ITI, Jamner, Dist: JalgaonGovernment3 63
2292754990024Govt ITI, Parola, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 42
2302754990025Govt ITI, Raver, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 42
2312754990026Govt ITI, Uchande, Dist: JalgaonGovernment2 42
2322754992025Government Tribal Ashram Industrial Training Institute, Jondhankheda,Tal-muktainagar Dist: JalgaonGovernment1 21
2332755160003Government Industrial Training Institute (Adivasi), Dindori, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2342755160004Govt ITI (Adivasi), Igatpuri, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2352755160005Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kalwan, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2362755160006Govt ITI (Adivasi), Peth, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2372755160008Govt ITI (Adivasi), Surgana, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2382755160009Govt ITI (Adivasi), Trimbakeshwar, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2392755160012Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Asarbari, Dist: NashikGovernment1 21
2402755160013Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Boripada, Dist: NashikGovernment1 21
2412755160014Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Nanashi, Dist: NashikGovernment1 21
2422755160016Govt ITI, Chandwad, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2432755160017Government Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon, Dist: NashikGovernment3 63
2442755160018Government Industrial Training Institute, Nandgaon, Dist: NashikGovernment3 63
2452755160019Govt ITI, Nashik, Dist: NashikGovernment6 126
2462755160020Govt ITI, Niphad, Dist: NashikGovernment4 84
2472755160021Govt ITI, Sinnar, Dist: NashikGovernment2 42
2482755160022Government Industrial Training Institute, Yeola, Dist: NashikGovernment1 21
2492755220004Govt ITI (Adivasi), Rajur, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment2 42
2502755220005Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Keli Kotul, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment1 21
2512755220007Govt ITI, Ahmednagar, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment4 84
2522755220008Govt ITI, Jamkhed, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment2 42
2532755220010Govt ITI, Kopargaon, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment4 84
2542755220011Government Industrial Training Institute, Newasa, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment1 21
2552755220012Govt ITI, Parner, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment2 42
2562755220015Govt ITI, Rahuri, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment2 42
2572755220016Govt ITI, Sangamner, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment2 42
2582755220017Govt ITI, Shevgaon, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment2 42
2592755220018Govt ITI, Shrigonda, Dist: AhmednagarGovernment3 63
2602765210015Govt ITI, Bhor, Dist: PuneGovernment1 21
2612765210016Govt ITI, Ghodegaon, Dist: PuneGovernment2 42
2622765210018Govt ITI, Indapur, Dist: PuneGovernment2 42
2632765210019Govt ITI, Khed (Rajgurunagar), Dist: PuneGovernment4 84
2642765210020Govt ITI, Lonavala, Dist: PuneGovernment2 42
2652765210021Govt ITI, Malegaon (Bk), Dist: PuneGovernment4 84
2662765210023Govt ITI, Pimpri Chinchwad, Dist: PuneGovernment3 63
2672765210024Govt ITI, Pune, Dist: PuneGovernment6 126
2682765210027Govt ITI, Varvand, Dist: PuneGovernment2 42
2692765260002Govt ITI, Akkalkot, Dist: SolapurGovernment3 63
2702765260003Govt ITI, Akluj, Dist: SolapurGovernment1 21
2712765260004Govt ITI, Barshi, Dist: SolapurGovernment3 63
2722765260005Govt ITI, Karmala, Dist: SolapurGovernment3 63
2732765260008Govt ITI, Mangalvedha, Dist: SolapurGovernment2 42
2742765260009Govt ITI, Mohol, Dist: SolapurGovernment2 42
2752765260010Government Industrial Training Institute, Pandharpur, Dist: SolapurGovernment2 42
2762765260012Govt ITI, Solapur, Dist: SolapurGovernment6 126
2772765270003Govt ITI, Dahiwadi, Dist: SataraGovernment2 42
2782765270004Govt ITI, Karad, Dist: SataraGovernment3 63
2792765270005Govt ITI, Khatav, Dist: SataraGovernment2 42
2802765270006Govt ITI, Koregaon, Dist: SataraGovernment4 84
2812765270007Govt ITI, Lonand, Dist: SataraGovernment2 42
2822765270009Govt ITI, Medha (jawali), Dist: SataraGovernment2 42
2832765270010Govt ITI, Patan, Dist: SataraGovernment2 42
2842765270011Govt ITI, Phaltan, Dist: SataraGovernment1 21
2852765270012Govt ITI, Satara, Dist: SataraGovernment4 84
2862765270013Govt ITI, Wai, Dist: SataraGovernment2 42
2872765300005Govt ITI, Ajara, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 42
2882765300007Govt ITI, Gadhinglaj, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 42
2892765300009Govt ITI, Hatkanangle, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 42
2902765300010Govt ITI, Kolhapur, Dist: KolhapurGovernment7 147
2912765300011Govt ITI, Murgud, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 42
2922765300013Govt ITI, Radhanagari, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 42
2932765300014Government Industrial Training Institute, Shahuwadi, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 42
2942765300015Govt ITI, Shirol, Dist: KolhapurGovernment3 63
2952765300016Govt ITI, Turkewadi, Dist: KolhapurGovernment2 42
2962765310004Govt ITI, Atpadi, Dist: SangliGovernment2 42
2972765310005Government Industrial Training Institute, Islampur, Dist: SangliGovernment2 42
2982765310006Govt ITI, Jath, Dist: SangliGovernment1 21
2992765310007Govt ITI, Kadegaon, Dist: SangliGovernment2 42
3002765310010Govt ITI, Sangli, Dist: SangliGovernment7 147
3012765310011Govt ITI, Shirala, Dist: SangliGovernment2 42
3022765310012Govt ITI, Tasgaon, Dist: SangliGovernment1 21
3032765310013Govt ITI, Vita, Dist: SangliGovernment2 42
3042715000001Anjuman Mufidal Islam Society'S Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance2 42
3052715000002Ans Infovally Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance6 126
3062715000016Harsh Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
3072715000018Shri.Pralhad Hari Jangale Pvt Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3082715030019Keshvaro Meanekar Private Iti, Wankhede Colony, Vill. Jarud Ta. Warud Dist AmravatiPrivate Self Finance2 42
3092715030020Nalanda Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
3102715030021Pimplod Education Society Pimplod Pvt.Industrial Training Institute Babhali DaryapurPrivate Self Finance4 84
3112715030022Prabhakarrao Gheware Industrial Traning Centar Wadhona (Ramnath) Dist AmravatiPrivate Self Finance2 42
3122715030023Private Industrial Training Institute PimplodPrivate Self Finance2 42
3132715030024Pundalik Maharaj Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3142715030025Samrat Ashok Ayodogik Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
3152715030026Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society'S Private Industrial Training Institute Badnera(Rly)Private Self Finance2 42
3162715030027Vidhybharti Private Industrial Training InstutitePrivate Self Finance4 84
3172715030028Vikram Shikshan Sansta New Iti Pathrot ,Tq.Achalpur Dist.AmravatiPrivate Self Finance1 21
3182715100019Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute, WaniPrivate Self Finance2 42
3192725110019Gramin Itc Malakoli Tq.Loha Dist.NandedPrivate Self Finance4 84
3202725110020Gramin Itc Nehrunagar Nagalgaon Tq.Kandhar Dist.NandedPrivate Self Finance2 42
3212725110021Late Dr Shankar Rao Chavan Private ITI Krishnur Tal Biloli Dist NandedPrivate Self Finance1 21
3222725110022National Industrial Training Institute, NandedPrivate Self Finance2 42
3232725110023Shri Hazursahib Iti NandedPrivate Self Finance2 42
3242725120007Shri. Bhiravnath Nisarga Mandals Private Industrial Training Institute, Hatta Tq. Vasmat Dist. HingoliPrivate Self Finance2 42
3252725130010Gramin Polyechnic'S Industrial Training Centre, Dharmapuri Tal & Dist ParbhaniPrivate Self Finance1 21
3262725130011Hon. Ratnakarraoji Gutte Industrial Training Institute, Wadgaon (St.) Tq-Sonpeth, Dist-ParbhaniPrivate Self Finance2 42
3272725140001Dharti Janseva Prathishthan Pvt Iti Rohanwadi, Revgaon Road,JalnaPrivate Self Finance2 42
3282725140002Dr.Zakir Husain Private Industrial Training Institute.Anwa Tal Bhokardan Dist JalnaPrivate Self Finance2 42
3292725140012Yashwantrao Chavan Industrial Training Center, AnkushnagarPrivate Self Finance2 42
3302725150015Jain Private Industrial Training Institute VerulPrivate Self Finance2 42
3312725150016Shri Dhaneshwari Manav Vikas Mandal'S Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance2 42
3322725150017Yashodeep Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3342725230001Aditya Bahuudeshiya Industrial Training Centre, Talegaon Road,BeedPrivate Self Finance1 21
3352725230002Aditya Industrial Traning Center Nalwandi Road Beed .Private Self Finance1 21
3362725230017Jagdamba Industrial Training Institute, Georai Dist.BeedPrivate Self Finance2 42
3372725230018Kari Siddique Bandhvi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3382725230019Rashtriya Industrial Training Center Beed M.I.D.C, Karampura Peth, Dist-BeedPrivate Self Finance3 63
3392725230020Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Private Industrial Training Institute,Beed.Private Self Finance2 42
3402725250001Champatrai Ajmera Idustrial Training Center OsmanabadPrivate Self Finance3 63
3412725250010Industrial Training Centre, Paranda, Dist OsmanabadPrivate Self Finance1 21
3422725250012Mother Kanchan Industrial Training Center, OsmanabadPrivate Self Finance1 21
3432725250013Pawanraje Nimbalkar Industrial Training Institute, OsmanabadPrivate Self Finance2 42
3442725250015Terana Public Charitable Trust'S ,Terna Industrial Training Center OsmanabadPrivate Self Finance2 42
3452735170001Ahmed Abdullah Garib Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3462735170002Bassein Education Society'S Industrial Training Center , Ramedi, Vasai, Dist- ThanePrivate Self Finance2 42
3472735170003Bhanudas Maniram Save Shikshan Sanstha'S L. J.Raut Private Industrial Training Institute, Chinchani. Tal. Dahanu, Dist. Palghar , MaharashtraPrivate Self Finance2 42
3482735170004Fr. Agnel Technical Education Complex Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3492735170025Mahim Shikshan Sanstha's Udyogshree Laxman Anant Lokhande Private I.T.I.Private Self Finance2 42
3502735170026Kokan Education & Medical Trust'S Private Industrial Training Institute, Saphale Dist. Thane.Private Self Finance2 42
3512735170027Shad Adam Shaikh Private I.T.IPrivate Self Finance2 42
3522735170028Takiya Amani Shah Pvgt. Iti BhiwandiPrivate Self Finance2 42
3532735170029Ramavtar Surajmal Modi Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3542735172137Ahmed Abdullah Garib Technical InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3552735180001Aicmeu'S Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance3 63
3562735180004Fr. Agnel Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3572735180013Joseph Cardijn Technical,Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3582735180015Lalji Mehrotra Technical InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3592735180018Shri G.V.Gandhi Gurukul Private I.T.IPrivate Self Finance2 42
3602735180019Shri Jemi M. Zaveri and Shri Roopchand Bhatia Pvt. ITIPrivate Self Finance3 63
3612735180020St. Francis Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3622735180021St.Josephs Technical School Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance3 63
3632735180023K.J. SOMAIYA PVT ITI VIDYAVIHAR,KurlaPrivate Self Finance3 63
3642735200001Anjuman Islam Janjira Sidi Zafar Shekhani Memoial Private Industrial Training Institute.Private Self Finance2 42
3652735280001D.J.Samant Private Industrial Training Institute Pali,RatnagiriPrivate Self Finance2 42
3662735280012Haji Mohammed Saheb Thakur Private ItiPrivate Self Finance1 21
3672735280014Regal Private ITIPrivate Self Finance2 42
3682735280015Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha Private Industrial Training Institute , Sawarde, Tal - Chiplun, Dist -RatnagiriPrivate Self Finance2 42
3692735290001Bosco Udyogshala Pvt Iti PinguliPrivate Self Finance1 21
3702745040001Bhaiyasaheb Ukrande Industrial Training Center, Waigaon (Nipani) Dist-WardhaPrivate Self Finance2 42
3712745040002Bhaiyyasaheb Bhoyar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3722745040003Chetana Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance3 63
3732745040004Dr R.G.Bhoyar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
3742745040005Gajanan Prasad Privet Industrial Training Institute GiradPrivate Self Finance2 42
3752745040015Hutatma Rashtriya Private Iti Ashti Dist WrdhaPrivate Self Finance2 42
3762745040016Jamnalal Bajaj Pvt ItiPrivate Self Finance3 63
3772745040017K.C.Ronghe Private Industrial Trainning InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3782745040018Om Vishwakarma Industrial Training Center,Sawangi Dist-WardhaPrivate Self Finance4 84
3792745040019Samruddhi Pvt. ItiPrivate Self Finance6 126
3802745040020Shri Gajanan Maharaj Rural Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3812745040021Shrikrushna Private Industrial Training Institute, Chandewani Road, Karanja, Dist WardhaPrivate Self Finance6 126
3822745040022Talmale Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, WardhaPrivate Self Finance3 63
3832745050001Amir Privet Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance4 84
3842745050002Anjuman Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3852745050003Arvindbabu Deshmukh Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3862745050004Bhartiya Private Industrial Training Center Of Nagpur (Bitcon)Private Self Finance2 42
3872745050005Bhartiya Pvt. Industrial Training Institute dighori square nagpurPrivate Self Finance4 84
3882745050006Bhawani Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance7 147
3892745050007Chaitainya Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
3902745050008Dr. A. P. Pillai Industrial Taining CentrePrivate Self Finance6 126
3912745050009Globus Industrial Training Institute KampteePrivate Self Finance4 84
3922745050027Hazrat Tajbaba Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
3932745050028Husnoor Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance5 105
3942745050029Jeevan Vikas Private Industrial Training Institute, ThugaondeoPrivate Self Finance2 42
3952745050030Keshaorao Pawar Private Industrial Training Institute,SaonerPrivate Self Finance4 84
3962745050032Kothale Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance10 210
3972745050033Lat. P.B. Sonekar Industrial Training Institute, Koradi.Private Self Finance2 42
3982745050034Late Deoraoji Itankar Pvt Iti UmredPrivate Self Finance4 84
3992745050036Late Laxmanrao Vastad (Uskelwar) Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Nagpur.Private Self Finance8 168
4002745050037Late Mahadevrao Mahalle Private I.T.I. NagpurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4012745050038Late Wamanrao Bhure Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4022745050039Mahatma Phule Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance6 126
4032745050040Matoshri Mangla Umathe (Pvt.) I.T.I.Private Self Finance2 42
4042745050041Mouda Pvt. ITI MoudaPrivate Self Finance2 42
4052745050042multiskill Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Vihirgaon, Nagpur.Private Self Finance2 42
4062745050043Navnath Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance3 63
4072745050044Nazara Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4082745050045Netai Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4092745050047Parshuram (Pvt) Industrial Training InsititutePrivate Self Finance8 168
4102745050049Radhikatai Pandav Private ITIPrivate Self Finance3 63
4112745050050Ravi Industrial Training Institute, NagpurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4122745050051Saraswati Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance5 105
4132745050052Sharwani Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance6 126
4142745050054Shriram Industrial Traning Institute MoudaPrivate Self Finance1 21
4152745050055Smt. Anjanabai Dhote Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4162745050056Tantra Bharti Pvt. ItiPrivate Self Finance2 42
4172745050057Vidhya Shikshan Prasark Mandalachi Private Industrial Training Institute KatolPrivate Self Finance2 42
4182745050058Vidyadeep Private Industrial Training Institute, Kamptee Dist NagpurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4192745050059Vidyanniketan Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4202745050060Vidyasagar Industrial Training Institute, KhaperkhedaPrivate Self Finance2 42
4212745050061Vidyavihar Private Industrial Training Institute, Katol Dist NagpurPrivate Self Finance4 84
4222745050062Vikas Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4232745050063Tulsi Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance5 105
4242745050064Abdul Majeed Private Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance1 21
4252745050070Navnath Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
4262745050072Shri Swami Vivekanand Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4272745060001Babuji (Pvt)Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4282745060002Dr. Arun Motghare Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4292745060012Late Sevakram Pardhi (Pvt) Industrial Training Institute Hardoli(Sihora)Private Self Finance2 42
4302745060013Late Shantabai Karemore Iti TumsarPrivate Self Finance4 84
4312745060014Late Tulshiramji Titirmare Memorial Private Industrial Training Institute, Mohadi, Dist: Bhandara, Pin 441909Private Self Finance2 42
4322745060016Prakashbhau Umathe Private ITIPrivate Self Finance3 63
4332745060017R. M. (Pvt.) Industrial Training Institute , Khapa Tah-TumsarPrivate Self Finance2 42
4342745060018Saint Jagnade Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute,Ganesh Ward,Pauni Dist BhandaraPrivate Self Finance2 42
4352745060019Sairam Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4362745060020Satpuda Industrial Training CentrePrivate Self Finance2 42
4372745060021Shivaji Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4382745060022shri yogiraj swami sitaram maharaj pvt.iti.kandriPrivate Self Finance3 63
4392745060024Vainganga Private Industrial Training Institute,Devhada Bu,Tah- Mohadi, Dist: Bhandara, Pin 441913Private Self Finance3 63
4402745060025Vidyadevi (Pvt)Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4412745060026Sau.Seemadevi Pardhi (Pvt) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4422745070009Rajeev Gandhi Industrial Training Center, Gandhinagar, Dist-NagpurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4432745070010Rajiv Gandhi Industrial Training Center,Tirora Dist GondiaPrivate Self Finance2 42
4442745070011Saibaba Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4452745070012Shreeyansh Private Industrial Training Institute, TiroraPrivate Self Finance2 42
4462745070013Shri Laxmanrao Mankar Private Iti,Amgaon-441902 ,Dist-GondiaPrivate Self Finance2 42
4472745070014Tulsi Private Industrial Training Institute, AmgaonPrivate Self Finance2 42
4482745070015Vedant Private Industrial Training Institute, Tal Tiroda Dist GondiaPrivate Self Finance2 42
4492745090001Ambuja Industrial Training Center Gadchandur Tal Korapana Dist ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4502745090002Anusaya Private Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance2 42
4512745090003Ballarpur Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4522745090004Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Bamni, BallarpurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4532745090005Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Datala , ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4542745090006Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Yenbodi, BallarpurPrivate Self Finance1 21
4552745090007Global Private Industrial Training Institute,ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance6 126
4562745090026Gurusai Pvt. ITIPrivate Self Finance2 42
4572745090027Indira Industrial Training Centre, Tukum ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance6 126
4582745090028Indira Priavte Industrial Training Institute, Dewada, Dist.- ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance6 126
4592745090029Jainuddin Zaweri Private Iti Bamni, Ballarpur.Private Self Finance2 42
4602745090030Karmaveer Kannamwar Private Iti, Netaji Chowk Babupeth, Dist-ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4612745090031Late Jagannath Jogi Private Industial Training Institute GhugusPrivate Self Finance2 42
4622745090032Maharastra Private Industrial Training CentrePrivate Self Finance2 42
4632745090033Marotrao Bansod Industrial Training Institute.Khed Makta,Bramhapuri.Dist:ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance3 63
4642745090034Mata Mahakali Private Industrial Training Center,Warora, Dist.ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
4652745090035Montfort Industrial Training Institute (Pvt)Private Self Finance2 42
4662745090036Nilkanthrao Shinde Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
4672745090037Priyadarshini Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance3 63
4682745090038Rashtriya Pvt. I.T.I. Bamanwada, Tah. Rajura, Dist. ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance5 105
4692745090039Sambhaji Sayare Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance6 126
4702745090040Savitribai Fule Pvt. Iti Nandgaon (Pode)Private Self Finance4 84
4712745090041Shinde Private Industrial Training Institute,Mul Dist ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance4 84
4722745090042Shri Sai Private Industrial Training Institute, BhadrawatiPrivate Self Finance3 63
4732745090043Shri. Sai. Pvt. I.T.I. ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance4 84
4742745090044Sree Balaji Industrial Training Institute ,(Pvt)Private Self Finance2 42
4752745090045Tarashakti Private Industrial Training Institute, Tadalj Dist ChandrapurPrivate Self Finance4 84
4762754970009Jamia Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4772754970010Vidya Pravartak Mandala'S Puj. Sane Guruji Industrial Training Center, Shahada, DhulePrivate Self Finance4 84
4782754980001Ahinsa Pvt. ITI DondaichaPrivate Self Finance3 63
4792754980011Sakri Taluka Education Socities Industriul Training Instiute SakriPrivate Self Finance2 42
4802754980012Samode Private Industrial Training Institute, Tal Sakri Dist DhulePrivate Self Finance3 63
4812754980013Shri Tirupati Educational Sanstha'S D.N.Patil I. T. I.Private Self Finance2 42
4822754980014Svs Industrial Training Center Dondaicha Dist DhulePrivate Self Finance4 84
4832754980015Apteshta Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance1 21
4842754990001Aabasaheb Shivajirao Sitaram Patil Private ITIPrivate Self Finance4 84
4852754990002Aabaso Datta Pawar Industrial Training Institute(P) Bhadgaon Deshmukh Wada Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-JalgaonPrivate Self Finance2 42
4862754990003Annasaheb Punekar Private I.I.I. , JalgaonPrivate Self Finance4 84
4872754990004Avdai Private Industrial Training Institute Gudhe Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-JalgaonPrivate Self Finance2 42
4882754990005Bhagini Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Institute ChopdaPrivate Self Finance2 42
4892754990006Bhagirathi Private I T I JalgaonPrivate Self Finance7 147
4902754990007Bhusawal Parisar Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute, BhusawalPrivate Self Finance2 42
4912754990008Chopda Education Society'S,Shikshan Sanstha,Industrial Training Institute, Chopda,Private Self Finance2 42
4922754990009Dhandai Mata Education Society'S Industrial Training Centre, AmalnerPrivate Self Finance2 42
4932754990010Ekra Education Societiche Industrial Training Center, Mehrun , Dist- JalgoanPrivate Self Finance2 42
4942754990011Gan Gan Ganate Bote Private Industrial Training Institute, BhusawalPrivate Self Finance1 21
4952754990027Hari Om Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
4962754990028Hindi Seva Mandalache, Shri Sant Gadge Baba Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal.Private Self Finance6 126
4972754990029Indirabai Lalwani Private Industrial Training Institute, JamnerPrivate Self Finance2 42
4982754990030Jai Durga Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirsoli (P.B.)Private Self Finance2 42
4992754990032Jijau Shishnik And Bahuuddshia Industrial Training Institute TakarkhedePrivate Self Finance2 42
5002754990033Late Annasaheb Bhaurao Jadhav Private Industrial Training Institute, PatondaPrivate Self Finance2 42
5012754990034Late, G. S. Varade Private Industrial Training Institute, Muktainagar, Dist- JalgaonPrivate Self Finance6 126
5022754990035Late. Mandodari Khalane Industrial Taining Institute, ChalisgaonPrivate Self Finance2 42
5032754990037Navalbhau Pratishtanche Industrial Training Center, AmalnerPrivate Self Finance2 42
5042754990038Navyuvak Samajik & Shaikshnik Santha Sachalit Shri Ramchandra Kishan Mahajan Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Pilkhod Tal Chalisgaon Dist: JalgaonPrivate Self Finance4 84
5052754990039Navyuvak Vidya Prasarak Mandal Sanchalit Sau.J.S. Bhagale Private Industrial Training Institute, DambhurniPrivate Self Finance2 42
5062754990040Nutan Private Industrial Training Institute ChinawalPrivate Self Finance2 42
5072754990041Prakash Mandal'S Private Industrial Training Institute, Sangvi Bk.Private Self Finance2 42
5082754990042Sameer Industrial Training Centre.Private Self Finance3 63
5092754990043Sarvodaya Education Society Sanchalit Sarvajanik Vidyalayache Private Iti AsodaPrivate Self Finance2 42
5102754990044Sarvodya Shikshan Prasarak Co.Op.Samaj Ltd. Umbarkhede'S Private Industrial Training Institute UmbarkhedePrivate Self Finance2 42
5112754990045Shakuntala Sevabhavi Santheche Private Industrial Training Institute Dist: JalgaonPrivate Self Finance3 63
5122754990046Shivaji Vidya Prasarak Mandal Sanchalit Mangaldeep Private Industrial Training Institute, KhadkaPrivate Self Finance2 42
5132754990047Shram Safalya Education Society'S Industrial Training Institute(Pvt),Private Self Finance2 42
5142754990048Shree Nath Education Society, Private I.T I., FulgaonPrivate Self Finance2 42
5152754990049Shri Sai Samarth Industrial Training Institute (P), Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgoan Dist-JalgaonPrivate Self Finance3 63
5162754990050Shri Sant Gajanan Bahuddshiy Sanstha Sanchlit,Industrial Training Institute, Vele, Tal-ChopdaPrivate Self Finance2 42
5172754990051Shri.Sharada Shikshan Mandal Deepnagar Sanchlit Pvt. I.T.I. ,Nimbhora BkPrivate Self Finance2 42
5182754990052Smt. Bhagirathi G. Zharkhande Sanchailit Siddhivinayak Private Industrial Training Institute, Kanhale Rd, BhusawalPrivate Self Finance2 42
5192754990054Sspm'S Industrial Training Institute, TehuPrivate Self Finance4 84
5202754990055Tatra & Vaidyak Industrial Training Center. Faizpur.Dist-JalgaonPrivate Self Finance3 63
5212754990056Tatyasaheb Patil Shikshan Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Center, Devgaon, JalgaonPrivate Self Finance2 42
5222754990057Ujjwal Shaikshanik & Samajik Industrial Training Center, Nashirabad, Dist-JalgaonPrivate Self Finance17 357
5232754990058Vyas Shikshan Mandal’S Private I.T.I YawalPrivate Self Finance4 84
5242754990059Y.C.S.P.Mandal'S Private I.T.I.ErandolPrivate Self Finance2 42
5252754990061Ams Technical InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5262754990062Samartha Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
5272754990063Ushabai Shankar Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5282754990064Vatsai Education Society Sanchalit,Private I.T.I.,AmalnerPrivate Self Finance1 21
5292755160023K V N Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute NashikPrivate Self Finance4 84
5302755160024Late Bhausaheb Hire Smarnika Trust Industrial Training Center, Malegaon Dist- NasikPrivate Self Finance4 84
5312755160025Maharashtra Samaj Seva Sangh Sanchalit, Private Industrial Training Institute, Nashik-13Private Self Finance3 63
5322755160026Maharashtra Shetkari Seva Mandal'S, Private Industrial Training Institute, MANMAD Dist.NashikPrivate Self Finance2 42
5332755160027Matoshri Pvt. Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
5342755160028N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S Private Industrial Training Institute Nandgaon Dist , NasikPrivate Self Finance2 42
5352755160029N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial Training Institute , SatanaPrivate Self Finance3 63
5362755160030N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon I, Tal-Malegaon, Dist- Nashik.Private Self Finance2 42
5372755160031N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Mohadi, Tal-Dindori, Dist- Nashik.Private Self Finance4 84
5382755160032Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samajs, Private Industrial Training Institute, Nashik-13Private Self Finance6 126
5392755160033Nashik Dist Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj,Industrial Training Centre, Sinnar Tal Sinnar,DistPrivate Self Finance2 42
5402755160034Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samajs Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5412755160035Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal'S Private Iti, NashikPrivate Self Finance2 42
5422755160036Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal'S Private Iti,SinnarPrivate Self Finance2 42
5432755160037Nasik Dist Maratha Vidyaprasarak Samaj Industrial Training Center, Tahrabad, Tal Satana Dist-NasikPrivate Self Finance2 42
5442755160038Niphad Taluka Education Society'S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Pimpalgaon (B) Tal-Niphad Dist - Nashik. 422 209Private Self Finance2 42
5452755160039Saptashrungi Shikshan Sanstheche I.T.I DeolaPrivate Self Finance5 105
5462755160040Shri. Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya'S, Private Industrial Training Institute,A/P.LASALGAON, Tal-Niphad, Dist.NashikPrivate Self Finance2 42
5472755160042Swami Private Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon Dist NasikPrivate Self Finance2 42
5492755220001A.I.E.& D F'S, Bhaskarrao Galande Patil, Private Industrial Training Institute, Ashoknagar.Private Self Finance1 21
5502755220002Akole Taluka Educ. Society'S Industrial Training Center Akole, Dist AhmednagarPrivate Self Finance2 42
5512755220003Amrutvahini Industrial Training Institute Amrutnagar,SangamnerPrivate Self Finance4 84
5522755220020Indian Society For Social Action'S, Industrial Training Institute (Pvt)Private Self Finance2 42
5532755220021Industrial Training Centre SakurPrivate Self Finance2 42
5542755220022Amrutvahini Sheti & Shikshan Vikas Sanstha's Industrial Training Institute Talegaon DighePrivate Self Finance2 42
5552755220023Jijamata Private Industrial Training Institute,BhendaPrivate Self Finance3 63
5562755220024Jijamata Private Industrial Training Institute,ShevgaonPrivate Self Finance2 42
5572755220025Lakshya Education Society,ITI,Kedgaon ,AhmednagarPrivate Self Finance2 42
5582755220026Maulana Abulkalam Azad Pvt.ItiPrivate Self Finance2 42
5592755220029Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
5602755220030Private Industrial Training Institute,LoniPrivate Self Finance6 126
5612755220032Shirdi Sai Rural Institute'S Industrial Training Institute,RahataPrivate Self Finance2 42
5622755220033Shri Kundlikrao Ramrao Jagtap Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5632755220034Shri Laxmi Narayan Private Industrial Training Institute , Shrishivajinagar ,Tal - Rahuri Dist - AhmednagarPrivate Self Finance3 63
5642755220035Shri Saibaba Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirdi. Tal- Rahata, Dist-Ahmednagar Pin-423109Private Self Finance2 42
5652755220036Vamanrao Ithape Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
5662755220037Xavier Private Industrial Training Institute-ShrirampurPrivate Self Finance1 21
5672755220042Vidya Niketan Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5682765210001Akhil Bhartiya Maratha Shikshan Parishad`S Shri Namdeorao Suryawanshi Private Industrial Training Institute, Parvati Ramana -Dist-PunePrivate Self Finance2 42
5692765210002All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society'S Private Industrial Training Institute, BoribhadakPrivate Self Finance6 126
5702765210005Bhima Shaikshanik Nyas Sanchalit Pvt.Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5712765210006Camp Education Society'S Industrial Training Institute (Private)Private Self Finance3 63
5722765210009Dnyan, Kala, Krida & Krishi Pratishthan Sanchalit Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5732765210010Dnyandeep Gramvikas Pratishthan Industrial Traning InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5742765210011Don Bosco Private Industrial Traininng InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5752765210031India Sponsorship Committee L & T Public Charitable Trust Sanchalit Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance3 63
5762765210033Industrial Training Institute (Pvt) At/Post Male Tal- Mulshi Dist-PunePrivate Self Finance2 42
5772765210034Krishi Vikas Pratishthan Shardabai Pawar Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5782765210036Namdeorao Mohol Vidya & Krida Pratishthan Private Industrial Training Institute PirangutPrivate Self Finance2 42
5792765210038Oriental Education Society Private Industrial Training Institute, Gauddara PunePrivate Self Finance2 42
5802765210039Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Industrial Training Institute Morwadi,Pimpri Pune- 411018Private Self Finance4 84
5812765210042Purandhar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal'S Private Industrial Training Institute,WaghapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
5822765210043Queen Mary's Industrial Training Center, Khadki, Dist PunePrivate Self Finance4 84
5832765210047Samarth Private Industrial Training Institute Belhe Tal- Junnar Dist - PunePrivate Self Finance2 42
5842765210049Shivneri Foundation'S Shivneri Private Industrial Training Institute, KhanapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
5852765210051Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Trust,S (Pvt) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5862765210053Shri Chhatrapati Sambhaji Shikshan Sanstha'S Private Indistrial Traning InstitutePrivate Self Finance3 63
5872765210054Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Private Industrial Training Institute ,PunePrivate Self Finance2 42
5882765210055Shri Kulswami Industrial Training Center ,VadajPrivate Self Finance2 42
5892765210056Shri Saraswati Pratishthan'S Adiraj Industrial Training CentrePrivate Self Finance2 42
5902765210057Shri Vighnahar Trusts Late Nivruttisheth Sherkar Private Industial Training Institute, Nivruttinagar, Dist-PunePrivate Self Finance4 84
5912765210059Sonai Private Industrial Training InstutitePrivate Self Finance2 42
5922765210063Phulgaon Shri Shikshan Prasarak Mandal ITI, PhulgaonPrivate Self Finance1 21
5932765212312Shrimant Dagadusheth Halwai ganpati Trust Jr. College(VOCATIONAL),Kondhava, Tal Haveli, Dist PunePrivate Self Finance1 21
5942765260013Govind Private Industrial Traning Institute NateputePrivate Self Finance1 21
5952765260014Karmavee Lohokare Guruji Private Industrial Training Institute,Gaudgaon.Private Self Finance2 42
5962765260015Lokmangal (Pvt) Industrial Trianing Institute SolapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
5972765260016Lokmangal Pvt ItiPrivate Self Finance2 42
5982765260017Madhukar Mane (P) Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
5992765260018Marathwada Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance4 84
6002765260019New Satara Private Industrial Training Institute,PandharpurPrivate Self Finance1 21
6012765260020Parvati Tad I T I Mangalwedha Tal:- MangalwedhaPrivate Self Finance2 42
6022765260022Private Industrial Training Institute MalinagarPrivate Self Finance2 42
6032765260023Somling Private Industrial Training Institute Gunjegaon Tal- Mangalwedha Dist- SolapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
6042765260024Rural Private Iti KazikanbusPrivate Self Finance2 42
6052765260025Sangramsingh Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
6062765260026Seth Ratnachand Sakharam Shah Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
6072765260027Shanti Private Industrial Training Institute SolapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
6082765260030Shriram Private Industrial Training Institute PanivPrivate Self Finance2 42
6092765260031Sojar Private Industrial Traning Institute KhandviPrivate Self Finance2 42
6102765260032Solapur Power And Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance1 21
6112765260034Vasantrao Kale (Private) Industrial Training Institute Dhondewadi, Post- Jainwdai, Tal-Pandharpur, Dist-SolapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
6122765260035Vilaschandra M.Mehta Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
6132765270001Daulat Private Industrial Training Institute DaulatnagarPrivate Self Finance2 42
6142765270014Koyna Shikshan Sanshta Sanchalit Vikramsinh Ranjitsinh Patankar Industrial Training Center, Mandrul Kole, Dhebewadi, Tal-Patan, Dist-SataraPrivate Self Finance2 42
6152765270017Yashwantrao Mohite Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
6162765270018Dadasaheb Mokashi Pvt Industrial Training CenterPrivate Self Finance2 42
6172765300002Deshbhakt Babasaheb Khanjire Pvt. Iti, IchalkaranjiPrivate Self Finance2 42
6182765300003Dr D.Y.Patil Pratishthan'S Industrial Training Institute, GargotiPrivate Self Finance2 42
6192765300004Dr.J.J.Magdum Private Industrial Training Institute ,JaysingpurPrivate Self Finance2 42
6212765300018Jay Shivaray Education Society Murgud'S Industrial Training Centre Sadashiv Nagar [ Hamidwada] Tal Kagal Dist KolhapurPrivate Self Finance3 63
6222765300019Kadambari PVT Industrial Training Institute Pimple/ThanePrivate Self Finance2 42
6232765300021Shiroli Manufacturar's Association Kolhapur (SMAK) Sanchalit, Late Jawanmalji Gandhi Industrial Training Institute (Pvt.)Private Self Finance4 84
6242765300022Latthe Education Society Sangli, Jaysingpur Private Industrial Training Institute,JaysingpurPrivate Self Finance2 42
6252765300023Mahatma Jotirao Phule Pvt. Industrial Training Institute,Shahunagar(Parite).Private Self Finance2 42
6262765300024Major Anandrao Ghatge Private Industrial Training Institute, VhanaliPrivate Self Finance2 42
6272765300025Pandurang Patil Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
6282765300026Rajmata Private Industrial Training Institute KhanapurPrivate Self Finance1 21
6292765300027Sahakarratna Shamraoji Patil Yadravkar Private Industrial Training Institute YadravPrivate Self Finance2 42
6302765300028Sangrul Edu. Soc. Industrial Training Center Koparde ,Tal.-Karveer,Dist- KolhapurPrivate Self Finance2 42
6312765300029Sanjaysinh Gaikwad Private Industrial Trainng Institute Donoli/BambvadePrivate Self Finance2 42
6322765300032Shayadri Shikshan Prasark Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Centre Tulshi Dharan DhamodPrivate Self Finance1 21
6332765300033Shital Ketkale Private Industrial Training Institute ShirolPrivate Self Finance3 63
6342765300035Shree Bhairavanath Industrial Training Institute KhotwadiPrivate Self Finance2 42
6352765300036Shree Shamrao Patil Private Iti , TalsandePrivate Self Finance4 84
6362765300038Shri Datta Private I.T.I.Private Self Finance3 63
6372765300039Shri Parashram Balaji Patil Private Industrial Training InstitutePrivate Self Finance2 42
6382765300041Shri.K.S.Chougule Industrial Training Centre Malwadi-KotoliPrivate Self Finance2 42
6392765300043Tatyasaheb Kore Private Industrial Training Institute, WarnanagarPrivate Self Finance3 63
6402765300044Victory Foundation Pune Sanchalit Victory Itc NesariPrivate Self Finance1 21
6412765300046Vitthalrao Patil Private Industrial Training Institute KalePrivate Self Finance2 42
6422765300047Janata Shikshan Mandal Private Industrial Training Institute arjunnagarPrivate Self Finance2 42
6432765310001Annasaheb Dange Audyogik Prahsikshan Kendra Ashta Tal.Walwa Dist.SangliPrivate Self Finance2 42
6442765310003Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha'S Veer Seva Dala Madhyawarti Samitiee Sanchlit Veeracharya Babasaheb Kuchnure Pvt Iti SangliPrivate Self Finance2 42
6452765310015Loknete Hon.Hanmantrao Patil Charitable Trust’S Adarsh Private Industrial Training Centre Khambale (Bha) Vita.Private Self Finance1 21
6462765310016Mahalaxmi Private Iti, PethPrivate Self Finance2 42
6472765310017Rajarambapu Patil Private Industrial Training Institute, RajaramnagarPrivate Self Finance2 42
6482765310019Rayat Shikshan Sanstha'S Private Industrial Training Institute,AshtaPrivate Self Finance2 42
6492765310020Sambhaji Pvt Industrail Training CenterPrivate Self Finance2 42
6502765310021Sangli Industraial School, Industrial Training Center, Dist-SangliPrivate Self Finance2 42
6512765310022Smt.Padmini Private Industrial Training Institute Ektanagar DighanchiPrivate Self Finance2 42
6522765310023Vasantdada Patil Privet Industrial Training Institute MirajPrivate Self Finance1 21
6532765310024Venkateshwara Audhyogik Prashikshan KendraPrivate Self Finance2 42